Zoona Arham

In a nutshell, I am an experienced academic and content writer on a wide and diverse range of topics - from hard sciences like medicine, biology, and nutrition to soft sciences like sociology, psychology, as well as literature and pop-culture. Having worked with several companies and clients from all across the globe, I have been praised for my versatility, adaptability, and creativity. I've partaken in a multitude of literary projects: my role ranging from being a ghost writer to a co-author for publications. My most recent contribution to print media includes writing a chapter for an Oxford University Press (OUP) publication, titled I'll Find My Way.
My Bachelors degree in Biotechnology has strengthened my academic writing. I've conducted research on and written several papers on medicine, nursing and pharmacy which have enhanced by researching, proof-reading as well as writing skills.

The Importance of a Good Portfolio for a Writer's Marketability

I have always been a literature lover and nothing can beat my love for fiction writing. Even though I am relatively new to the field of freelance writing, I have already worked with several well known blogs and publications which helped me evolve as a writer. While I try to keep my work simple, I do it with great passion, enthusiasm and dedication. I plan to continue writing blogs while also helping the new and upcoming writers in their journey. Imagine being in a mall with a number of shops, w

The Power of Music to Change a Life

We all listen to music. Sometimes it plays quietly in the background, calls us onto a dance floor, or motivates the fitness buff during a tough workout. It can also calm tensions or put a baby to sleep. There’s a richness to music that is far beyond entertainment. It’s even deeper than creating a mood or emotion. Music has been known to transform lives. The story as it’s been told is almost improbable. In the late-1990s, a cute little boy about three years old was left by someone at a South Korean orphanage. No one knew where this boy came from, who left him there, or the parents’ reason for abandoning this child. But his misfortune didn’t just end there.

Electronic Health Records and Nursing

This is a research based thesis which investigates the advent of healthcare information technology into the workplace from the perspective of those involved in nursing practice in acute care hospitals. The thesis has been constructed initially by researching and presenting some history of the progression of Electronic Health Records into nursing practice, especially with regards to the United States of America. The research has been done by collecting original data from licensed nursing personnel in a single medical center. A survey questionnaire method has been used to gather data about the involvement in the implementation

18 Gorgeous Party Outfits for Plus Size Women This Season

If you are a plus size woman and are looking for ideas on what to wear on a party then you’ll surely be finding loads of ideas here. We’ll be displaying for you a number of different gorgeous party outfits and show how beautifully the plus size women have carried these outfits. And sure enough, if they can do it, why not you? Before we start with these outfits, let me tell you that as a plus size women you have every right to be obsessed with fashion, make-up, jewellery and what not. So be confident and go for any colour, design or style that you want, as long as you are comfortable in it. In fact, for a change, even try stepping out of your comfort zone and be an inspiration every now and then.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

From a clinical as well as a research perspective, augmentative and alternative communication is an area of rapid developments and growing interests for researchers and clinicians around the world. This is because millions of children around the world are born with neurological, physical and/or sensory disorders every year. These problems may include autism, dementia, etc. Such individuals often suffer from communication problems and thus they are unable to express themselves to others. As a res

The secret key to lose weight

In my earlier posts I discussed some of the foods which can help you lose weight   while maintaining your health and beauty. But in today’s post I shall be discussing an even more important step on the road to lose weight. This secret key to losing weight is to stay happy and I believe that unless you do that, you can not achieve your desired weight. The reason behind this is that once we start dieting or exercising with the hopes of losing weight, our entire focus gets to be on counting the number of calories we are eating or the calories we are burning, the foods which are right for our diet plan and those which are wrong and so on. Our entire life starts revolving around our weight loss program and pretty soon all our time and energy becomes focused on the food based thoughts. The problem with this is that once you become this obsessed, you will no longer be able to enjoy your life and every thing seems dull and boring. When you are on a diet, your energy level is already low which makes you lazier and once you stop enjoying your life, it only takes a little time or some emotional trigger which breaks all your will power and you start eating more than before.

Best summer foods to help lose weight

With summers finally here, who doesn’t want to control their diet and stay in shape. So in this post we shall discuss some summer treats which you can try. These foods are sure to help you stay fit by boosting your metabolism and at the same time they are so delicious that they will help you control the cravings. Many of us choose to either go for strict diet plans which make us starve, or try vigorous exercising to lose weight in the smallest time span. Nutritionists however suggest that the b

Top 14 guidelines for teaching kids to write

It is a universally accepted truth that every classroom consists of students with varying intellectual abilities and so learn to write in different ways and patterns. Some students have an above average level of understanding while many are seen as just average. The problems faced in teaching kids to write are especially with those students who have a below average level of learning and are often classified as ‘slow learners’. It is important for teachers to firstly understand the difference be

Designer Genes: A Question of Ethics

A Designer Gene is defined as a gene that has been altered or created by the use of Genetic Engineering especially for use in gene therapy. Here Genetic Engineering refers to the use of biotechnology for direct manipulation of an organism’s genome. Genes are the basic unit of heredity found in the DNA on chromosomes of every cell’s nucleus in an organism. The genetic code of human beings is far more complex than this. The three million base pairs in the human genome have been arranged in such a

Do IQ tests really measure a person’s intelligence?

The word ‘intelligence’ has a number of different meanings and definitions across the globe.  Its meaning differs from one culture to another, from one country to another and even from one age-group to another.  Generally speaking, intelligence can be described as the capacity to learn and behave adaptively.  It can also be thought of as a person’s capacity to understand the world, think rationally and use resources effectively when faced with challenges.  Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is an almost